Product Introduction:

Busbar trunking systems (BBT) consist of insulated copper or aluminium busbars enclosed in a trunking. Use a specialist epoxy resin coating to insulate each conductor, the coating is applied to the busbars using an in-house developed and industry leading process. Modern busbar trunking is modular in design and is supplied in pre-fabricated lengths and available in a range of conductor configurations. The product range typically includes elbows, T-connectors, feeder units, panel flanges and various other standard or custom components that make it simple to configure for almost any application.

Product Features:

 Easy to design power distribution and clear network structure, easy engineering and installation possibility
 Law ignition energy and high short-circuit value. Fast & simple installation with minimum tools. Tap-off connections can be made to Distribution Busbar lengths; Tap-offs can be added, removed and repositioned as necessary during installation, there is no waste or scrap. So it’s environment friendly. Easily be removed and re-used where required

Product Specifications

The low impedance prefabricated horizontal & vertical BusbarTtrunking System shall be type tested assembly (TTA) conforming to IEC 439/1-2 & shall be suitable for use in installation conforming to IEC 364.
Standard of busduct IEC 439-1&2 VDE 0660 PT 500
Busbar brand DTM Busway System
Country of origin Turkey
Shipment from Turkey
Rated current 25A-6A & 100-160A Lighting Power or M/C BBT
Live conductor 4W GE AL
Neutral % 100%
Rated insulation voltage 1000V AC
Withstand voltage 10000V AC
Frequency 50 HZ
Class of insulation Class B ( 130 Deg. C )
Insulation materials Epoxy compound insulation ( thickness 1.6 mm ) max
Busbar materials Aluminum / Copper
Maximum ambient temperature 50 Deg. C
Degree of protection IP55
Copper purity 99.9%
Aluminum purity 99.9%
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