At a Glance

Our Culture

We need to cultivate & nourish culture, because we cannot buy it from market :

ELECTROMECH AUTOMATION & ENGINEERING LTD, follow 4 elements that make great company culture:
  • Hiring People who fit ELECTROMECH’s culture;
  • We all, at ELECTROMECH, know the values and mission of the company;
  • We strongly believe that the good decision can come from anywhere;
  • We Realize that we are a Team and not a bunch of individuals.

Human Resources

Electromech believes in indigenous potentiality of human resources. It has formed a balanced team in combination with numbers of university graduates in engineering, business and finance. Board of directors, Managing Director & top-level managers are key to planning, executing & controlling the company’s long terms & short terms objectives.


Number Human Resources on different categories

Standard & Practices

ELECTROMECH is a certified ISO 9001: 2015. company. We follow the documented process of ISO strictly to satisfy the requirements of the standard.

  • We follow the Standard IEC 61439-1 & 61439-2 for manufacturing the electrical panel System;
  • We follow the Standard IEC 60076 for the manufacturing of Power & Distribution Transformers;

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric Co. Japan has the strong & regular inspection program to update the manufacturing process to make the system & quality to the level of MELCO, Japan. Experienced & skilled engineers from MELCO has planned schedule to review the system with regular interval.


Manufacturing Process Automation & Production Practices

ELECTROMECH has automated it’s production process by the installation of Automatic Slitting Machine, Automatic Bending Machine, Automatic Busbar Processing Machine and Automatic Multi-function machine. Inclusion of sheet treatment plant including Automatic Powder Coating Machine has further increased quality of panels and reduction of environment prolusion.


EM's Strength & Weakness

  • Very Healthy Stock Level
  • Reputed International Brand;
  • Design & Validation process under professional engineering team;
  • Tested & Verified products from International sources;
  • Self manufacturing base with sheet treatment & Powder coating
  • Strong quality management system under ISO 9001: 2015 OMS practice. lnhouse Lab help us to test, verify & validate our Strong AOL system help us to avoid post delivery complications.

WEAKNESS:  All reputed brand but costly. It is difficult & often impossible to be financially lowest !


Major Products

  •  132/33/1 1 & 0.415kVTransformer
  • HTSwitchgear 132kV/33kV/l IkV
  •  HT AVR
  • LT Switchgear.
  •  Power Factor Improvement
  • Motor Control Panel
  •  Busbar Trunking System


  •  Cable Management/Cable Tray
  •  Factory Automation & Building Management.
  • Energy Management solution with Eco Adviser
  • Lightning Protection System (ESE & Conventional)
  • Components/Spare products
  • Service Centre (Mitsubishi Authorized Service Centre)
  • 24/7, after-sales & Retrofit solution.


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