ISO 9001:2015 Certified

EM Transformers have

Certificate No: CPRlBLRSCLT0084 & CPRlBLRSCLT0085 dated February 14, 2022 ELECTROMECH’s Transformers specially 1110.4kV, 200KVA & 1110.4kV, 250kVA have been tested & passed in CPRI tests. Following tests have been carried Out:

  1. Chopped wave Lightning Impulse test (LIC) on HV winding;
  2.  Special Test on Ability to Withstand dynamic effects Of short circuit;
  3.  Routine Tests before and after short circuit Of the followings:
  •  Measurement of winding resistance;
  •  Measurement of Voltage ratio and check of phase displacement;
  •  Measurement of short circuit impedance and load loss;
  • Measurement of no-load loss and Current;
  •  Measurement of dc insulation resistance between each winding to earth and between windings;
  • Dielectric routine tests;
  •  Type Test Temperature rise; and
  •  Additional test to withstand short circuit.

Type Tests Certificate has been issued by CPRl-India under STL Member exclusive guidelines for ELECTROMECH’s 11/0.415kV, 200kVA & 250kVA Transformer.


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